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Our experienced team can design the best production line to suit your specific requirements. The line can accommodate honey, jam or any other similar product.

We will integrate our Centreline branded machinery with reputable third party supplied machines to provide you with a fully functional line that fits to your requirements and budget.

The line can be fully automated to fill the honey and jam jars and pack them into cartons with one of our Case packers, or end the line with an accumulation table ready for manual packing.

Our lines are designed with the future in mind. So if you decide to start with manual packaging, automated packaging can be integrated in the next stages with no regret cost.

No matter what your requirements are, we can design and deliver a full line that will suit them.

Single point of contact for the full line means you will deal with one party to make sure your produce is packed to the best quality.


Up to 60 jars/min


Layout that fits into your room.

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Easy future upgrade