Bottle Air Rinser

Introducing Centreline’s bottle air rinser. This machine provides a reliable and automated means of ensuring bottles are clear of debris prior to filling.

Centreline’s bottle air rinser is an efficient machine to safely remove dust from containers before filling. Our system is particularly suitable for removing loose contaminants that may have accumulated in the containers during shipping or storage.

Rinsing heads are lowered into the containers and a blast of compressed air is blown into them.

Bottle Cleaning with Centreline’s Bottle Air Rinser

At Centreline, we offer leading solutions for our food and pharmaceutical clients, with equipment tailored to your every need. Fully Australian made and designed, our bottle air rinser is of the highest manufacturing quality. With a low cost of maintenance and affordable without compromising on quality. Our customised products are designed, manufactured, and delivered to your door for your convenience.

For efficient, thorough bottle cleaning, contact Centreline. Our goal is to provide innovative, advanced solutions for our clients. With a high-speed, versatile bottle air rinser, our clients can expect a quick and easy cleaning process, removing all dust and particles from the bottles. Trusted by renowned brands Mars, Cadbury and Nestle, Centreline are the specialist engineers you can count on for quality. To get in touch contact our friendly team at Centreline on +61 3 8759 3353 today!


Up to 10 cycles/Min


Bottle size range: Get in touch

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Dimensions: 1000×1200×2000 (mm) LxWxH