Fusion Depositor

Fusion Depositor range of products can be used to deposit solid parts onto a range of products. A wide range of solid depositing products like crushed nuts, chocolate chips, rice bubbles, powders and flour can be deposited on any product. The products underneath can be a full slab or bars.

System can be designed to create an even bed of the coating product underneath for uniform double sided coating applications.

The machine can also be equipped with a shaking bed to coat sphere products like protein balls or bliss balls.

For a full range of applications and possible designs for your application, please get in touch with the Centreline Team.


Top or Top and Bottom Application


Easy change parts for different types of material

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Automatic or Manual excess product recycle

Shaking Conveyor Depositor

Suitable to coat spherical products.

A uniform bed underneath and a shaking conveyor will make sure the product is coated universally.

Bars and Slabs

Suitable for bars and slabs.

The solid product topping will be placed on the products and a height adjustable roller will ensure the topping is secured on the product.

A uniform bed can be created underneath if required.

Automatic product recovery system can be incorporated to the system.