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Centreline offers services from conceptualisation through to commissioning and maintenance of production lines.

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Early Stage Project Study and Planning

We plan from concept through to manufacturing and implementation, providing the hassle-free process for your convenience.

Our team of well qualified engineers turns your dream into reality. We plan from concept through to manufacturing and implementation, providing the hassle-free process for your convenience. If you have the vision, we have the resources to make it happen.

Engineering and Design

With our new and innovative ideas, we always strive for consistency in our designs while taking care of your needs. We always aim for perfection in everything we do. We make the best use of the technologies available and create new solutions if none exist.
Our design team provides unique solutions using Solid works 3D software. 3D Solid Modelling software allows us to design, visualise and simulate the machinery prior to creating workshop detail drawings, so both the designer and our client can visualise the total design before manufacturing begins. Our experienced design and drafting team can work from a sketch or your idea to develop a conceptual design through to the final product with a set of fully detailed design drawings.


Manufacturing Excellence

We make the solutions a reality. Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering as well as final assembly. We offer robust and high speed systems so that your production cost is always under control. Our workshop includes a machine shop with manual and CNC machinery, fabrication shop for TIG & MIG welding and electrical department to provide controls and wiring.


Installation of equipment is often a complicated process which can be time-consuming and costly when things go wrong. We can provide personnel who are highly capable, hardworking and qualified to undertake all the tasks required. All paper work and staff are handled to ensure that the process is smooth.


All but the simplest of machines require some form of adjustment once they are installed on site. This adjustment is often completed by maintenance staff, however we often build machines which require expert skills and knowledge for commissioning. We are able to provide skilled and qualified personnel to ensure that the machines are set up correctly.

After Sales Support

Even the best machines require maintenance and spare parts to continue functioning optimally. We are able to produce spare parts for any machine which we have built, as well as many components from other companies machines. Our experienced maintenance staff are able to complete on-site maintenance, machine refurbishment, modifications and many other tasks.

Factory Layout

For a factory to operate smoothly, you need a well thought-out factory layout. At Centreline, we offer full line solutions and layout services to ensure the factory runs at its best. Our highly experienced team can help you design a factory layout tailored to your space and requirements.