Industrial Robotics

Industrial automation robotics can automate many manual, repetitive tasks in the food industry. This solution offers significant benefits, such as increased efficiency and reduced costs. Automating processes with industrial robots also helps improve safety by reducing the risk associated with human labour in hazardous environments. The robotics solutions also help to reduce errors due to fatigue or human error, which is extremely important in the food industry.

The use case can be to automate a variety of tasks, such as pick and place, sorting and packaging, cutting, labelling, and palletizing.

Automating these processes with industrial robots enhances accuracy and quality control while reducing production time. This helps optimize production efficiency and bring down operational costs.

Industrial robots can also be used to assist in food processing, such as slicing and dicing, sorting, filling, and packing bulk items.

Our team at Centreline have experience with designing and manufacturing a wide variety of heads to suit your application.

We will work with you to understand the requirements and offer the best solution to suit your application.


Reduce Operational Costs


Increase Efficiency

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Industrial Robots never get tired repeating the same task

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Reduce Work related injuries

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