Cobot Palletisers

A highly reliable Cobot Palletising Solution applicable to a diverse range of industries

  • 17 certified PL=d cell level safety functions
  • Adjustable pillar with a maximum reach of 1200mm and a corresponding maximum stack height of 2325mm*
  • TMstudio Palletizing Wizard – Simple palletizing setup with simulation and collision detection

Up to 7 picks/min

26 -Conveior Belt- (Outline)Created with Sketch.

Payload: 25Kg


Maximum Reach: 1900mm, H: 1200mm (extendable with lifting column)

Might and Momentum: Transforming Tasks with High-Speed, Heavy Payloads

With a 25kg payload, 1902mm reach, and speeds up to 5.2m/s, TM25S excels in high-volume pick-and-place, machine tending, packaging, and palletising. Its integration into production lines dramatically enhances efficiency and reduces cycle times, revolutionizing heavy-duty industrial operations.

TMstudio Palletising Wizard

Provide an Optimal Solution for Palletising

  • Customisable box, pallet size
  • Generate point file offline
  • Custom box arrangement and sequence
  • Palletising simulation and collision detection