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Centreline is one of the leading companies in product handling and packaging machinery in Australia. Established more than 40 years ago, Centreline’s primary mission has been to deliver top quality, innovative solutions for our food and pharmaceutical clients. Our fully automated packaging systems are of the highest quality and Australian designed and made. Our project engineers design, manufacture and install equipment tailored and customised according to our clients and their specific needs.

From the initial stages of planning and designing to the manufacturing, installation and after sales support, Centreline is here throughout the entire process.

To discuss our automated packaging systems options, give us a call today.

Packaging Machinery Australia

For customised packaging machinery in Australia, look no further than Centreline. At Centreline, we offer clients advanced automated packaging systems to reduce time, labour and increase productivity and consistency. Our automated packaging systems are designed to be fast, efficient, reliable, and safe. Here at Centreline, we have applied automation to several types of food processing systems and are experts when it comes to the proper application in your operation.

Automated Packaging Systems

We design, manufacture, and deliver automated packaging systems made to make packaging smoother. At Centreline, we offer automated side load case packers and automated top load case packers. Designed to be flexible, our automated packaging systems are customised to be able to work with a wide range of cases and products.

Whether you need bakery packaging machines, confectionery packing machines or general food packaging machinery, our automated packaging systems can be customised and tailored to suit our client’s needs. Our professional engineers turn ideas and designs into a reality, manufacturing our client’s visions.

For more details on the trusted name for packaging machinery in Australia, contact Centreline on +61 3 8759 3353 today.

Bakery Packaging

At Centreline, we design bakery packaging machines that are designed to efficiently pack bakery goods at a consistent, and high-speed level. We are the go-to specialists for bakery packing, trusted by reputable companies Cadbury, Mars, and Nestle.

Confectionary Packaging

Our machines are designed to pack a wide range of confectionery products, from biscuits and chocolate to lollies. Able to accommodate both small and bulk goods, our confectionary packaging machines work efficiently and consistently.

Food Packaging

Whether its bakery goods, confectionary, or prepared and frozen food, Centreline provides innovative systems for fast and efficient food packaging.