Centreline Solutions

At Centreline, we plan, design, and construct automated packaging systems for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies. With over 40 years of experience under our belt, we are confident in providing tailored and innovative designs and solutions for our clients.

We have a long history of designing and building machinery, but we also offer a range of high-end packaging products developed by our team of engineers and practitioners, and design full line solutions for our clients to ensure smooth, efficient operation.


Main Products

At Centreline, we offer leading solutions for our food and pharmaceutical clients, with products tailored to your needs. With our technical and design expertise, we offer a wide a range of products tailored to the specific needs of our individual clients.

  • Conveyors
  • Automated Case Packers
  • Rotary Table Feeders
  • Depalletisers
  • Bottle Air Rinser
  • Plasma Debagger
  • Bespoke Machinery

Full Line Solutions

With our extensive experience behind us, we know to work with our clients when we design the full line solutions. We tailor our solutions to suit your manufacturing requirements. Our highly experienced team is here to help you design the best factory layout, tailored to your space and requirements. View our recent production lines here.

Packaging Machinery

At Centreline, we offer our clients innovative and advanced automated packaging systems for a high level of efficiency, productivity, and consistency. Australian made and designed, Centreline’s packaging machinery is designed with the client in mind. Trusted by well-known and reputable companies Cadbury, Mars, and Nestle.