About Centreline Engineering

Centreline Engineering is a specialised company that offers planning, design, and construction of equipment and systems for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing clients.

Our doors opened more than 40 years ago with a mission to provide innovative design solutions for our clients. While working as a design engineer for a major confectionery company, our founder John Duggan heard complaints that the design firms in the industry, “didn’t understand their business and brought little or nothing to the table”, so he founded a firm to do just that – understand the unique needs of food manufacturing companies and to provide a tailored solution.

We are still fulfilling that original mission today.

What we do

We are project engineers who deal with the design, manufacture and installation of all parts and equipment used in the food manufacturing industry.

Our equipment will always be focused on your needs. We design it meticulously so that it can benefit you in every single way. We first discuss your goals and requirements before suggesting possible solutions.

After finalising, we design, manufacture and deliver the customised product to your doorstep as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Enhance Productivity with Smart Automation

Automation is the application of equipment and technology to produce products with the goal of reducing the amount of human intervention, improving the process, and increasing productivity.

Automation of food production processes that are typically performed by people can benefit a food plant in many ways: reduced labour, higher throughput, higher quality, greater product consistency, and improvement in food safety. As with all choices, there are trade-offs when weighing up the level of automation needed.

Centreline Engineering has successfully applied various levels of automation to many types of food processing operations and can assist with the proper application in your operation.

Sourcing and supplying machinery made internationally

As part of our overall commitment to our clients, we have also partnered with international manufacturers to ensure our clients get the best results possible.

Export of equipment

We have exported machines to many countries around the world, including.

  • China
  • USA
  • PNG
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • France

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